Hallberg Rassy 46 Antigua, West Indies to Hamble, UK

Hi Nigel,

I've just paid your account.

Thanks very much for everything.

Until next time!

Best wishes


Oyster 54 Antigua WI to Ipswich UK

Thank you Mark,

We have been very happy with this delivery.

Please pass my thanks to John and the rest of the crew.

Kind Regards


Jeanneau 45. St Lucia, West Indies to Hamble, UK


Thanks again for a great job on delivery, she is in very good shape.

All the best


Oyster 54 St Lucia to Horta, Azores


I can confirm that the boat was in absolutely perfect and clean condition, as if she had not been sailed at all.

Thank you and your team for another perfect job

Kind Regards


HR48 Ecuador, South America to the Baltic

A four man PYD crew have just completed the delivery of a Hallberg Rassy 48 some 7,000 nautical miles from South America, via the Panama Canal and Ft Lauderdale USA to Neustadt, Germany in the Baltic.

A very successful delivery passage completed on schedule.

Hallberg Rassy 54 Antigua, West Indies to Annapolis, US

A highly experienced PYD crew have just completed the delivery of a beautiful Hallberg Rassy 54 'Blue Raven' from Antigua to Annapolis. The 16 day passage was completed on schedule and under budget. On arrival the new owners were waiting on the dock for the arrival of thier new yacht and the PYD crew completed the handover 24 hours later before returning to the UK.

Dear Nigel,

Many thanks, the trip seems to have gone very well, much appreciated and my thanks to the excellent skipper and crew.

Thanks and kind regards


The vendor has recorded the delivery in his blog

Blue Raven HR54