Dear Phil,Please accept my apologies for leaving it so long before writing to you, our only excuse is that we have been spending every spare moment sailing and tinkering with our new possession Castor.Although we have already expressed our appreciation to you and the delivery crew Stuart and Peter, I would just like to say a few words in recognition of the professionalism we have experienced at the hands of PYD.Sailing back from Sweden on an off shore passage of some seven hundred miles in March was a first for Chantal and myself, experiencing heavy seas with force 7, 8 winds day after day and the occasional 9 was something Chantal could never in her lifetime have imagined. However, at no time did we feel unsafe or frightened, wet, cold, uncomfortable yes, but never concerned for our safety. I put this down to unreserved confidence in both the crew and the boat.The experience and confidence we have both gained has been priceless and we will remember for ever the maiden voyage of Caster with contentment. We will also never forget the confidence and professionalism of its delivery Skipper and first mate together with the continuing hands on approach we experienced from you personally.Should we ever need the services of a delivery crew again or be asked to recommend one, we would without question rate your service at 100% satisfaction.David & Chantal Clarence Marina, Gosport

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