We were recently responsible for the delivery of extra cargo to the Caribbean, when the Great Egret Georgino joined Farr 60 ‘Sweet Chariot’ en route for Antigua on her fifteenth crossing under pyd’s command.

Georgino joined around 500nm West of the Cape Verdes as part of a group of six birds which descended on the boat at dusk one evening. The rest disappeared by morning, but Great Egrets are not routinely found far out at sea and Georgino wisely decided to remain on board until we had safely delivered him to the West Indies. During the ensuing 11 days he particularly enjoyed breakfasting with the crew, but also became an entertaining dinner table guest.

Understandably he was reluctant to leave when ‘Sweet Chariot’ docked in Falmouth and the crew were just as sad to say farewell to an unusual shipmate.

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