“I have some news as well. 1. Januari I will be back in regular business as the general director of a management training company. I have had 3 of the best years of my life at sea, but I started missing the intellectual challenge. I truly wished I could have sailed more for PYD – as I still believe you are one of the best in the Industry -, but I am proud to have made a sailing carreer all by myself and survived the competition. Last month I was even interviewed in ‘Zeilen’ magazine as one of the ‘known Dutch long distance sailors’. Felt honoured!

Well, I still hope to sail for you some day again, even just as first mate, as I will have some extra days off in summertime to make sure I can sail as a hobby!

Wish you, Jan, Bill and your new director a very good 2011 and thank you for everything you have done for me as an apprentice. Without that, I would not have made it over the past 3 years!”

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