Professional Yacht Deliveries Ltd (PYD) has been delivering yachts since 1995 and now relocates around 200 vessels a year round the world. We offer a professional and efficient service to make sure your yacht is delivered by the safest and most capable hands in the industry. IPV Code. PYD have been issued with a Domestic Ship Safety Management Certificate (DSM) following an MCA audit on 16th April 2019

Whether your boat is a sailing yacht, motor vessel, super-yacht or family cruiser PYD can provide a solution to relocate your vessel. We continuously work to ensure that our standards are extremely high and that PYD is the delivery company you can trust.

What can you expect from PYD:

In an average year PYD skippers and crew deliver around 200 vessels and sail around 350,000 nautical miles.  We deliver the majority of yachts  around the UK, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean . In 2018 we also completed  over 70 passages around the rest of the World including around 28 trans-ocean passages, on vessels up to 35 meters, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.  An increasing part of our business is delivering yachts around the United States. Recent passages include regular deliveries from French Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands to the West coasts of the US and Canada  and regular deliveries up and down the East coast and to and from the Caribbean Islands.

In recent years PYD has reached well beyond the Northern Hemisphere, with increasing numbers of boats delivered from European waters, via the Panama Canal and Pacific Islands to New Zealand and Australia. We aim to continue to develop the scope of our deliveries as our business grows from strength to strength.

PYD skippers and crew are renowned worldwide for their professionalism and the standard of service supplied to our many clients.

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