Office Support

The PYD central support office is made up of a team of highly experienced yachtsmen who have sailed extensively all over the world. The support office provides 24 hour assistance, 365 days of the year.

The office team provides support for PYD skippers and crew to deliver boats safely, efficiently, within owners’ deadlines and on budget, whenever possible.

All vessels are monitored at sea and PYD skippers routinely call the  support office for updated weather forecasts and routeing guidance, using the many weather feeds available from all over the world.

Extreme  weather and sea conditions and technical problems  can sometimes cause plans to change but with 24 hours support PYD skippers are able to make informed decisions to ensure the safe and timely delivery of a yacht.

With our contacts worldwide and specialist experience within the office team we are able to locate  technicians, service agents and spare parts to minimise any delay in the schedule. Sometimes it is more cost effective to arrange support from the UK, including flying out our own specialists if required. Owners can call on our services at any time for an immediate and cost effective response.

Even in the most remote places, we normally know a man, who knows a man, who can fix it!

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