Yacht Delivery

PYD crew relocate sailing and power vessels on short coastal passages and across the world's oceans. Our reputation for service, safety and care is recognised internationally and our long standing client base includes private clients and yacht builders worldwide

At PYD we take time to work with our clients to make sure we understand their expectations and requirements.

Our aim is to make every contract straightforward with clear pricing information and to ensure that every delivery is carried out professionally.

On delivery passages we supply a minimum of 3 crew and on trans-ocean passages, 4 or more crew depending on the vessel size and complexity .

PYD skippers have sailing experience ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 nautical miles and qualifications up to MCA Master 3,000 GRT. They are carefully selected based on experience, qualifications and sea trials to become part of the PYD team. They are then allocated delivery passages and vessels to match their experience and qualifications.

PYD skippers are frequently Cruising instructors, Yachtmaster instructors, Clipper skippers or have worked as super-yacht Captains. We have skippers who specialise in delivering cruising yachts, classic yachts, aerorigs, superyachts and large motor vessels.  We also ensure that when delivering new vessels from boatyards that our skippers have the necessary experience.


On joining a vessel our crew spend at least 24 hours checking all the boat’s systems and preparing the boat for passage, even for short deliveries.

This includes a detailed checklist covering the function of more than a hundred items of equipment and fittings from pushpit to pulpit, bilge to masthead. Anything that is not serviceable and might have an effect on the delivery passage will be reported on, and rectified if practical, before setting out. All vulnerable areas of woodwork and upholstery below decks are encased in protective cladding to avoid any inadvertent damage while at sea in rough conditions. It’s a long and time consuming process but very worthwhile to ensure that the joinery stays protected.  Similarly, mast spreaders are normally wrapped and taped to avoid alloy rub marks on the main sail that can occur when sailing downwind for extended periods.

During Delivery

Once underway the skippers establish and maintain a rate of progress towards the destination to complete the passage in the budgeted timescale. For sail boats, this progress will be under sail, however if the wind dies then the engine will be used to ensure that the delivery is not delayed. Owners are welcome to join a delivery although the delivery crew will routinely sail 24 hours a day with only brief stops as necessary for fuel, provisions or to avoid severe weather.

Safety is always the first priority and the skipper’s judgement at sea is never questioned. If the skipper decides that the conditions are too rough to proceed then the yacht will head for shelter. The level of experience and sailing expertise required of PYD skippers allows them to make good progress in conditions of wind and sea that would keep most leisure sailors firmly in their bunks on dry land. The company’s policy is to sail conservatively and not over-stress sails, rigs or engines.

On completion of all deliveries the Skipper completes a detailed condition report on the vessel and its’ systems so that owners have a picture of their boat’s condition on arrival. We never forget how important your boat is to you and ensure that you are kept informed of progress during the passage. We organise every aspect of the delivery passage and there is no requirement for a formal handover from the owner or his representative.

New Boat Deliveries

PYD is the recommended delivery company for many leading boat builders. We also have extensive experience of collecting new yachts for clients from many boat yards worldwide.

Our depth of experience means that we can organise and provide necessary safety items as well as recommend and install specific equipment. We can undertake handover with, or on behalf of the owner, checking condition and inventory at a time when the boat may be new and unfamiliar.

Over the years we have delivered brand new yachts from the shipyards of Hallberg-Rassy, Oyster, Hanse, X-Yachts, Swan, Contest, Arcona, KM Yachtbuilders, Sweden Yachts, Najad, J-Yachts, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Fountaine Pajot and Lagoon, – a pedigree which we believe speaks for itself. We are also frequently entrusted with the delivery of manufacturers’ exhibition yachts to the World’s boat shows, delivering them in condition so they’re ready to be displayed.

Customs & Clearance Procedures

PYD has experience of moving yachts in many different parts of the world and are familiar with Customs and Clearance procedures which can appear complex and can lead to problems if not undertaken correctly.

Our skippers have a good understanding of the processes involved and are well versed in presenting and obtaining the correct paperwork when required, particularly where VAT is concerned.

At PYD we also have good links with a number of other yacht management companies who can advise further on VAT and vessel, import and export from the EU.

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