Philip CoatesworthProfessional Yacht Deliveries LTDWitherslack GrangeOversandsCumbria, LA11 6RQDear Philip,It is now two weeks since PYD handed ‘Betty’ to me at Gosport, but only now I fully understand how well done the delivery was carried out. January is not a month yachtsmen choose to cross the North Sea. When I arrived in Sweden, for the handover by Lars Olsson at the Malö yard in Kungsviken, ‘Betty’, a Malö 37C, was iced in the harbour and the decks too were covered in ice.A couple of days after I got home, PYD arrived at Kungsviken and started their routine of checking the boat in fine detail, buying provisions and items for a safe passage. During this time, although the ice was melting, the winds were picking up.Naturally I was anxiously listening to and watching every weather and shipping forecast. A series of deep depressions started to track from the Atlantic across England heading for Sweden. Sometimes there was “storm force later” together with “rough becoming extremely rough” in the forecast, but PYD always managed to plan and time inpidual legs to duck out of the worst of it and take full advantage of the lulls. They sailed night and day except when stopping off for the first engine service, and in Langaroo, Holland, when as you neatly put it in one of your daily up-dates to me, the crew were getting into ‘sync’ with the weather! In fact they managed that to a superb degree, never sailing in more than Force 7 winds but completing the voyage in 8 days averaging 5½ knots. ‘Betty showed no signs of wear and tear, or even having been occupied. She was cleaner than when I had last seen her! The only telltale sign of the conditions she had been coaxed through was a small patch of chafe on the foresail furling line.Finally, Brendan the skipper spent more than an hour talking about the boats performance indicating items that needed attention, which has meant they have been remedied straight away rather than later.I am tremendously grateful for a job very well done. I wholeheartedly recommend PYD to anyone who needs his or her yacht safely delivered. Thank you Philip to you and the entire team!Yours sincerely,

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