“…I cannot let this opportunity pass without commenting on the outstanding service you have provided.

The delivery was made in Winter conditions in February , over a distance of 1990 sea miles from Glasgow , Scotland to Barcelona, Spain. The crew experienced snow at the departure date and storm force winds during the journey of 15 days, nevertheless the delivery was made on time and the cost was completely in accordance with the quotation that you provided. Additionally, I received from you a progress report on the journey every 48 hours.

Upon arrival the captain gave me a comprehensive and detailed written report relating to the boat and its systems throughout the journey and I consider this to be very valuable. The fact that the report is included in the delivery fee is an added bonus.

On the day of their arrival I had the pleasure of a very enjoyable and informative lunch with the captain and crew, each of whom I consider to be first class.

It has been a pleasure working with you and I will not hesitate to recommend PYD to any person who is considering delivery of their boat.

With best regards,

John Pickworth owner yacht ‘Marathon’”

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