Good morning Nigel,

Thanks to PYD’s help with the passage from Amsterdam to the Humber. I am so pleased we  decided to instruct PYD to help us with the passage.  We had waited over 3 weeks for a weather window to cross the North Sea and had been held up by the strong westerly winds and gales.  The extra help enabled us to take advantage of a weather window we would not have attempted on our own to sail direct to the Humber rather break the journey into 2 legs from Amsterdam to Lowestoft and then from Lowestoft to the Humber.

It was a real pleasure sailing with Steve and Gordon and I learnt a super new (to me at least) technique for showing speed required to hit arrival/constraint window in graphical form prepared before departure.  It was wonderfully easy to use en route and it avoided having to make calculations along the journey when mistakes could be made due to tiredness.  We shall certainly be using it ourselves on all future longer passages.

Best wishes,


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