Long standing pyd skipper Peter Stirling is sailing a brilliant race across the Pacific and is currently in second place as this report from the Clipper Challenge web site confirms:

“Jamaica Lightning Bolt’s skipper Pete Stirling is also fairly up beat after success at the Scoring Gate. ‘The crew were duly ecstatic about it and much hand shaking, hugging and back slapping was had by all. Before the last leg I had really developed a dislike for the whole scoring gate part of the race. We hadn't benefited in any way whatsoever but had seen other boats take advantage. Now, however, having got five scoring gate points out of the last two races I'm actually getting to quite like the concept!

We have been slowly gaining ground to the north over the last couple of days but I have now decided we have gone far enough. From now on it is east all the way with maybe a touch of south in it. The weather is now horrible with constant rain, fog and very cold, although we do have a favourable wind. There is also a very deep low pressure system moving in to the north of us in a couple of days’ time which is going to bring gale force winds once again.”

Pete is an excellent skipper with the great talent of always bringing home a happy crew and as a mark of our confidence in him we’re actually putting a small wager on ‘Jamaica Lightning Bolt’, which is currently third overall winning the whole race.

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